Matatiki Hornby Centre receives a $400K grant

“I’m excited about using the hydrotherapy pool in Hornby. Having had a recent heart attack, the pool will enable me to do gentle exercise in a safe and supervised setting."
Angela - Hornby resident

Photo Credit: Christchurch City Council

NZCT continues its incredible support for Christchurch and Christchurch City Council with a major grant of $400,000 to enable the completion of a hydrotherapy pool at the Matatiki Hornby Centre which will help people recover from illness and injury.

“We applied for the NZCT grant to help us bring the benefits of hydrotherapy to Hornby. We’re absolutely thrilled with the generous grant we received. It has really put a buzz in the community.” - Marc Duff, Head of Special Projects, Greater Hornby Residents’ Association.

“I’m excited about using the hydrotherapy pool in Hornby. Having had a recent heart attack, the pool will enable me to do gentle exercise in a safe and supervised setting. The pool’s location in Hornby will mean that I’m able to go and swim either before or after work as there won’t be a long drive to get to Burwood, exercise in the pool, and then get to home exhausted. Having different ailments means not everyone has the energy to drive or catch a bus (or two) after exercising. I’m very proud of the Greater Hornby community for all the hard Mahi it put into making the hydrotherapy pool happening” - Angela Swinney, Hornby resident.

“Bringing a hydrotherapy pool to the Matatiki Hornby Centre will have a huge impact on a lot of people in the community and surrounding areas. Hydrotherapy pools are great for people with aches and pains or recovering from injuries. It’s also a good option for beginner swimmers and anyone who just wants to relax in a warm water environment. Rotary’s focus is to help support the needs of our local community and the NZCT grant has had a significant impact on completing this project.” - Paul Burns, President, Rotary Club of Hornby.

“There's a huge need for therapeutic warm-water pools in Christchurch, particularly in the city's west. Currently, the nearest public hydrotherapy facilities are in Rolleston and at Taiora QEII. Matatiki Hornby Centre will be a great addition, providing a one-stop shop for people to swim, go to the library, or visit a Council customer service hub.” - Nigel Cox, Head of Recreation, Sports and Events, Christchurch City Council.

NZCT’s National Grants Manager Ben Hodges says “The community were crying out for a hydrotherapy pool, so it was an easy decision for us to partner with Council to help make it happen. NZCT is about providing as many people as possible with uplifting opportunities to participate in sport and active recreation. The hydrotherapy pool means even more people will be able to enjoy the fun and therapeutic benefits of this aquatic facility”.

“NZCT is delighted that our partnerships with hospitality venues across Christchurch have enabled us to get behind this brilliant community asset.”

About the Matatiki hydrotherapy pool

In response to strong community demand, Christchurch City Council agreed to add a hydrotherapy pool to the new Matatiki Hornby Centre. The Council agreed to provide $2.5 million for the hydrotherapy pool, with the balance of $1.4 million currently being raised by the Rotary Club of Hornby and the Greater Hornby Residents’ Association.

Construction on the $39.9 million Matatiki Hornby Centre began at Kyle Park in November 2021 and is now well underway. The Council-run centre is expected to open in early 2024 with a library and customer service hub, as well as an aquatic centre with a lane pool, spa pool, toddlers’ wet play area, learn-to-swim pool, and hydrotherapy pool. Matatiki Hornby Centre will serve the growing population in the city’s southwest, where more than 12,000 new homes are expected to be built by 2044.

Hydrotherapy involves the use of warm water for pain relief, relaxation and a range of treatments. The water temperature is usually between 33-36°C, warmer than swimming pools which are typically kept at 26-28°C.

Being immersed or buoyant in water helps with many health and medical issues, including:

• relief from joint pain and conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis

• rehabilitation after injury, bone fractures and joint replacement

• improving flexibility, balance, and coordination

• improving general fitness and strengthen muscles

• coping with neurological disorders such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's disease.

Matatiki Hornby Centre’s hydrotherapy pool will provide the local community with a wonderful resource to serve recreation, leisure, and education activities, as well as enhancing general health and well being. Following the Canterbury earthquakes, there was a shortage of sport and recreation facilities in Canterbury, especially in west Christchurch, where there is no Council-run facility. Coupled with the expected 10% increase in the population of west Christchurch over the next twenty years, there was a clear need for a facility that met the community’s health and wellbeing expectations.

Greater Hornby Residents' Association is proud to team with Hornby Rotary to bring the communities voice to action to help fundraise for this valuable asset for our area.

The Rotary Club of Hornby has an active team of about thirty-five volunteers who promote Rotary activities and raise funds to support our local community and good causes, both locally and further afield.

Christchurch City Council operates sport and recreation facilities including over ten pools, a popular learn to swim programme, and a network of twenty libraries across Ōtautahi and Banks Peninsula.