Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter clocks over 500 missions each year saving lives and demand is growing

People in the region can breathe easier knowing the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter is there when needed - in times of emergency and natural disasters.

General Manager Paula Muddle said, “We have three new crewpersons, a mix of Paramedics and Critical Care Paramedics, joining the team. Where we can, we will use existing equipment such as helmets, but because of sizing etc, not all crewpersons fit this equipment. We needed funding to do this, and it’s been gratefully received from NZCT.”

“We have also come to the end of our ten-year cycle of life vests and winch stretcher and these are now in need of replacement as they are reaching end of life.”

“The Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter responds to over five hundred missions annually, operating twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This grant will allow us to continue to respond these missions and save many lives in our community.”
General Manager Paula Muddle

“We have operated a dedicated rescue helicopter service in the Nelson, Tasman, and Marlborough regions for over 30 years. The New Zealand Community Trust have been there for us every step of the way ensuring we can provide this service free of charge in our community. Without its continued support, our service simply would not exist.”

“Given the effect COVID has had on our income streams and the recent floods, this grant towards replacing and purchasing vital crew equipment and was gratefully received. This ongoing support means that we can continue to save lives across Te Tauihu and be there for both residents and visitors to our wonderful region.”

Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter received a grant of $37,000 to equip three new crewpersons with uniforms and PPE as well as replace life vests and purchase a new winch stretcher. This follows a previous grant of $80,000 towards annual operating costs for 2021/22.

[Photo credit Steve Webster]