Ngongotahā School fields new sport uniforms

Staff and pupils at Ngongotahā Primary School were thrilled to learn they have received a grant of $12,213 for new sports uniforms.

Principal Craig McFadyen says, “Our existing uniforms were worn out and lockdown meant many of our children have been less active than usual for quite some time. We wanted to encourage as many children back into sports as possible. We believe sports are for everyone and we can only remain inclusive by being able to offer proper uniforms in appropriate sizes, so we needed funding for new miniball, netball, and touch rugby uniforms.”

“We believe that students learn best in an environment when positive relationships are developed and where whanaungatanga is fostered. All classes are well resourced and the Board employs teacher assistants to carry out specific programmes. Specialist teacher support encourages students to develop leadership skills and take responsibility for their learning. Our staff empower all students to achieve personal excellence through shared experiences both in and outside the classroom. Learning programmes recognise the multicultural society in which we live by encouraging a mutual respect for cultural differences and beliefs and by helping children foster an appreciation of their environment.”

“Team sports not only garner mental resilience, a key trait for successful students and citizens, but also reduce pent-up stress and let kids blow off steam"
Principal Craig McFadyen

“In 2022 our goal is to get more students active in sports and it is vital to encourage our girls and boys into physical activity. They need exposure to regular exercise early on so it can become a part of their daily lives. We also need to get kids active for their mental health. Being cooped up over Covid lockdowns wasn’t good for our young students. They need to release their energy, rather than reserve it.”

“Team sports not only garner mental resilience, a key trait for successful students and citizens, but also reduce pent-up stress and let kids blow off steam. Offering new uniforms will get them involved in team sports early, which will give them better coping skills for when things don’t go as planned. It will encourage team building and the opportunity to be part of a group and build lasting relationships with peers.”

“School uniforms are a way to signify our personality or our belonging to a group and sports uniforms are no different. We can recognise our team instantly by their maroon and gold colours. As principal, it makes me very proud to see my students don these colours and represent the school. It’s important for our students to wear high-quality uniforms in good condition.”

Ngongotahā School was established in 1911 on the outskirts of Rotorua in a village-type setting as a one class school with thirty-three students. The community is well served by three local marae with an additional two marae on the outskirts of Ngongotahā itself. Ngongotahā School has a positive partnership local community and iwi to ensure all students learn about all aspects of Te Ao Māori, their local area, history, and traditions. In addition to English Medium, all students are given the opportunity to learn in a Māori Medium environment using Te Marau Akura. We provide an environment for all students, staff, and whanau in which understanding, appreciation, and respect for Māori and other cultures is fostered.

Sited on three levels, the school has well-established grounds, to provide a range of physical activities to develop movement, fitness, flexibility skills, and an attitude for good sportsmanship. There are open areas between buildings that include a petanque pit, a solar-heated swimming pool, a turfed play area, a nature walk, extensive playgrounds, and large playing fields. Shade is provided to many of the classrooms and play areas via shade and well-established trees, demonstrating the Board’s commitment to providing students with appropriate safety from the sun. The school is well maintained with an excellent library that provides an attractive and stimulating environment for students.

Currently a decile 4 school, the school’s community reflects a wide socio-economic base and is a blend of both rural and urban environments. The central business area is vibrant and provides the community with all essential services. Pre-school facilities include day-care centres, kindergarten, and Kohanga Reo. The school welcomes and embraces all students and endeavours to provide the best environment to suit the individual needs of each child.