Te Kupenga Charitable Trust - Waka mould construction gets underway

The NZCT has allotted a grant of $60,636 to the Te Kupenga Charitable Trust for a Waka mould and construction costs, trailer, and lifejackets.

NETCOR Project Manager Desirèe des Barres says, “Te Kupenga Charitable Trust is thankful for earlier support of funds, labour, and resources to build one Waka hull which has been completed, being the first of two planned.”

“The completed hull will now be used to develop a mould which will not only substantially reduce the cost of the second hull, but also allow us to work with others to build a Waka at a more affordable cost and allow them to learn the various aspects of Waka construction and employment.”

“We have support from various Marae in the district to sponsor the Waka that will be built from the mould and develop an ongoing program to train our young people in the safe use of the waka and facilitate their advancement in Te Reo Māori, Mātauranga Māori, and Te Ao Māori.”
NETCOR Project Manager Desirèe des Barres

“This holistic ‘Waka Building’ course will incorporate traditional and contemporary carving (whakairo) skills, contemporary boat building skills, and the literacy and numeracy skills that come with the planning and designing of Waka building.”

“The new Waka will be used to support participants for their physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional wellbeing. It brings nga pukenga ako (learning skills) in Whakairo (carving), Whakapapa (genealogy), Mātauranga (Māori knowledge), and Te Ao Māori (Māori world). The Waka also allows for team building, weather interpretation, boat safety, and the ability to use these future programmes to find future leaders.”

“Te Kupenga Charitable Trust would like to give special thanks to NZCT for supplying the funding which to complete the construction of a mould, hull, trailer, and to purchase life jackets.”