NZCT Helps Out The Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

"The organisation exists to inspire passion for orchestral music and engages with Aucklanders of all ages and cultures"
Trusts and Foundations Manager Emma Gavenda

NZCT has awarded a grant of $4,300 to the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra for a new contrabassoon case.

APO Principal Contrabassoonist Sam Brough says, “Having such a high-spec, light, and protective case for the contrabassoon will make transporting it safely much easier. It also means I can now travel for lessons with great contrabassoonists overseas and bring their knowledge and experience back to Auckland. It will give me great peace of mind knowing that I will open the case and not see a damaged instrument just before a concert! ”

Trusts and Foundations Manager Emma Gavenda adds, ”The contrabassoon is a crucial part of any orchestra, featured in nearly every concert APO has planned for its 2023 Mainstage series and Connecting (education & outreach) concerts. Beyond participating in nearly every mainstage performance, the APO has programmed ten pieces that prominently feature the contrabassoon, five of which include famous contrabassoon excerpts.”

“High quality, reliable protective cases are a significant part of instrument ownership and maintenance, especially for an orchestra like the APO that travels constantly for rehearsals, performances, school visits, mentoring, and other community programs. The APO’s old contrabassoon case was worn out and no longer protecting the valuable instrument. Professional-standard cases are not readily available in New Zealand, hence the quotes from UK suppliers.”

“This grant will help ensure that all of the APO’s planned activities for 2023 and beyond can proceed as intended without incurring any damage to the orchestra’s assets. This will in turn contribute to APO’s ongoing impact in Auckland’s arts sector and schools, benefitting the thousands of students and over 300,000 audience members the orchestra reaches each year.”

Producing more than sixty performances annually, the APO presents a full season of symphonic work each year showcasing many of the world’s finest classical musicians and conductors. The Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra is the foremost full-time professional city-based symphony orchestra in New Zealand, focusing on serving the greater Auckland region.

"The organisation exists to inspire passion for orchestral music and engages with Aucklanders of all ages and cultures not only through its concert performances, but also via its education and community outreach programme APO Connecting" adds Gavenda.

APO Connecting supports the development of a vibrant arts culture through dynamic, innovative, and all-encompassing programmes strategically designed to address the needs of students across the entire educational spectrum. Its programmes are key to developing arts audiences, supporting emerging artists, and sustaining the production of New Zealand music, as well as in reflecting the region’s diverse communities through musical expression.

PHOTO CREDITS - Adrian Malloch & Sav Schulman.