NZCT Supports Christchurch Bone Marrow Patients

“There is a real need for the accommodation that Rānui House provides. Fortunately, they will soon complete a wonderful new building with a further 43 apartments available to serve the growing need in the community. Rānui House is not just a house, it is indeed a ‘Home away from Home.’ We have appreciated the sense of homeliness, love, and care for which we are extremely grateful.”
Retired Rev. lan Haszard and wife Joy.

The NZCT has awarded the Bone Marrow Cancer Trust a grant of $75,000 for capital funding support towards construction costs at the Rānui Apartments in Christchurch.

“During the most difficult, darkest, and desperate time of my life, Rānui House and the people there were my lifeline, providing a beacon of hope. Over the years Rānui House has supported thousands of Kiwi families facing the biggest challenges of their life. It's been a place of warmth, respite, and care for thousands of families, including mine.“ - Josh Komen, Ambassador for the Bone Marrow Cancer Trust.

"I just loved everything about Rānui House. They have the best staff in the world. They're compassionate and professional, and there's always someone to talk to. It's the fact that you can sit down for five minutes and just be a normal person. We were absolutely blown away by the kindness of those volunteers who gifted their time to help when they could be out with friends. We would not have made it through the last ten months without them." - Anne-Maree.

“I’ve had personal experience of this service that I never knew existed until my family faced a traumatic situation when my father was urgently transferred to Christchurch Hospital for heart surgery. My mother was also very sick and passed away not long after. We were residents at Rānui House for around three weeks and the relief of having access to this facility as well as the team that that were so supportive running the day to day operations is something I’ll never forget.” - Tania Gibson, Grey District Mayor.

CEO Mandy Kennedy adds -

For the past thirty years, the Bone Marrow Cancer Trust has owned and operated Rānui House in Central Christchurch providing a accommodation and support for patients and their families. Rānui House is very sought-after and the increasing demand has seen usage continuing to rise to the point where patients and families are being turned away. Our goal for our new building - Rānui Apartments - is to ensure we never have to turn a patient and their family away.

This is why we’re building a forty-three apartment facility - to satisfy increased demand for short term residential accommodation for out-of-town patients and their whānau when the patient is required to come to Christchurch for medical treatment.

Located at 508 Selwyn Street, the Rānui Apartments are a short walk from Christchurch Hospital opposite beautiful South Hagley Park and serve patients of all ages and all treatment types from all over Aotearoa, including the Chatham Islands. Each of the two-bedroom apartments has its own balcony, kitchen and laundry. There is a communal lounge, kitchen, and dining area, as well as plenty of parking space. The estimated cost of construction is $18.3 million, with a practical completion date of July 2024 and scheduled to open soon after.

Every year, our Rānui House facility serves more than 1,100 patients and their whanau (over 7,000 bed nights) and demand for our facilities is constantly growing. So far this year we’ve been in the unfortunate position of having to decline over 500 families simply because we’re full. The addition of Rānui Apartments will ensure we’re no longer in the difficult position of not being able to provide accommodation and support to patients and their whänau who must travel to Christchurch for what is often life-saving medical treatment.

Our Mission is caring for those with cancer and life-threatening illnesses by providing a home-away-from-home and funding cancer research to find a cure. Our Vision is caring and giving hope. We look forward to sharing the progress of Rānui Apartments and the profound impact it will have on the lives of those community members we serve. This substantial grant is a pivotal step in bringing both our Mission and our Vision to life.