NZCT Supports Victory Boxing

“I’ve seen my son grow in confidence since he started at Victory Boxing. The team allows space for the individual to go at a pace that works for them and the group. I can see the confidence and smiles grow week by week. It’s so good to see the positive influence this has with the youngsters which allows hurdles to be turned into strengths.”

NZCT has awarded Victory Boxing a grant of $20,000 towards an Assistant Manager’s wages.

“Victory Boxing took my son under its wing at a time when he was finding things difficult at primary school. We’ve watched him learn invaluable lessons about teamwork, attitude, supporting others, commitment, respect, and perseverance. He has positively applied these skills at school and socially in a manner which has made both him and us proud. It has undoubtedly contributed to a much happier and more motivated child who is better equipped to deal with his emotions and foster friendships in both social and competitive environments.” - Sarah.

Club Administrator Fiona Lulham says -

Victory Boxing offers at-risk youth in Nelson boxing facilities and training. We rely on the support of charitable organisations like NZCT, as well as corporate and community supporters, to fund our operating budget.

Victory Boxing celebrated ten years of service to our local community last year. The gym has grown significantly over the past decade, but our most significant operating cost remains salaries and wages. We are extremely fortunate to have Paul Hampton as our Programme Director and at the end of last year he hired a part-time Assistant Manager to help manage the workload at the gym.

One of the great strengths of Victory Boxing is being able to expand to meet the needs of its community. We offer a very successful and popular adult fitness programme, as well as fitness classes for adults with Parkinson's Disease, and we work alongside many community groups and schools to offer programmes during the day. All of our programmes are non-contact fitness based and underpinned by our core values: respect, responsibility, determination, and caring.

All participants have the opportunity to earn a Victory Boxing singlet by working through the programme and showing they understand and can represent our values, both in and outside the gym at home, school, and in the community. On average, it takes a participant twelve weeks to work through the programme and earn their singlet.

Participants have the opportunity to develop the following character traits:

High motivation and commitment.

An optimistic and positive outlook.

A determination to strive for higher goals.

Strong ability to focus.

Improved ability to develop with adversity and set-backs in order to become more resilient.

Develop goal setting ability.

Improved self-esteem.

Become a positive contributor in a range of social situations.

Become more focused and motivated within an educational environment.

“Coming from an all-female household, boxing has been great for my son, having that time with the boys and being enthusiastic about it! The fitness and training has helped him channel his emotions into his goals. He’s come along way at managing his own anger since being on the program.”

Victory Boxing was set up with the aim of having a positive impact on young kids in the community, teaching them life skills, honesty, respect, determination, and to be caring. In its first year, the programme had twenty children involved. In 2013, we moved to our current premises at 98 Vanguard St and now have over four hundred children registered with us, due to the programme’s popularity.