NZCT Supports Wellington’s Largest Football Club

NZCT has awarded a grant of $25,000 towards the Western Suburbs Soccer Club Administrator’s salary.

Club Chairman Dean Eagar says "Our club administrator Joanne Todd is an integral part of our team and has been with us for seven years."

Western Suburbs Football is based at Endeavour Park Whitby and currently has a club membership of just over 1,300, with 900 children and 400 adults. We boast a proud history since our inception in 1906 and are the largest sports club in the Wellington region. With the amount of administrative work required to support so many members, it is too much for the volunteers from within the club to do everything, especially with them having full time jobs as well.

"Our club administrator Joanne Todd is an integral part of our team"
Club Chairman Dean Eagar

Jo’s role at the club is critical in ensuring operations run smoothly and our members also get the best experience to encourage them to remain active, which is great for everyone’s general health. Even the basic duties like gear distribution become a mammoth task, but added to that membership registrations club events and general admin at the club take extra support from a few club members to complete them.

Jo is also the area co-ordinator for the Football Diversity Inclusion Programme which allows families that have barriers preventing them from participating in sport. In addition, she has recently been selected to attend the FIFA Women's Leadership workshop in Auckland to help her personal development.

A key part of Jo’s role is organising Wests’ end of year junior tournament in which over 1,000 junior footballers get to end their season having fun at Endeavour Park. Support from NZCT is critical to a club like Wests as we have an important role in the community, not only for our members, but also for the many schools we help with footballing programmes. Encouraging our children to learn the many values offered by team sports helps them to become better adults.