Pukekohe Amateur Swimming Club fields new equipment

Pukekohe Amateur Swimming Club was awarded a grant of $3,808 for new pool equipment.

Club President, Tracy Adams, and Patron and Committee member Dave Beattie say, “The grant will assist us to purchase six state of the art start blocks incorporating the latest anti-skid technology as well as built in track start ledges and three start block covers"

"These incorporate the latest start block technology, namely a FINA compliant anti-slip start block platform, especially important for our taller swimmers and the use of track start ledges which are a recent innovation to swimmers’ start technique.”

"We expect the purchase of new start blocks to further increase the club’s reputation as 'the best little club in NZ.’ We have been proactive in providing our swimmers and coaches with the best equipment and technology available so everyone has an opportunity to reach their goals and full potential and registrations are increasing"

“PSC has a strong focus on encouraging young people and our club develops programmes which enable every swimmer to reach their own personal goals,"
Club President, Tracy Adams

“PSC has a strong focus on encouraging young people and our club develops programmes which enable every swimmer to reach their own personal goals, be it fitness, learning to dive or reaching national or international level competition.”

“We are extremely proud of our able-bodied, paralympic, and special Olympics athletes. We have high-performance swimmers who have represented our Club at many NZ and Australian National Swimming Championships. We have also won titles at National Open Water events.”

“We have a swimmer who has posted two qualifying times for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, two swimmers who have posted qualifying times for FINA World Championship Meets, a swimmer who represented NZ at the Mare Nostrum series of events in Europe plus, three swimmers who represented PSC at the same series of events and we expect more qualifying times and selections to come. We also have a paralympian who won Gold at the 2020 Paralympic Games.”

“Developing a life-long love of the sport is a strong focus, with good technique emphasised from an early age, helping to develop national swimmers of an exceptional standard. Here at PSC, swimming fosters social skills necessary for life. Organisation, communication, goal setting, planning, time management and interaction with others are so important and we believe the young people who persevere with this sport become well-rounded and successful individuals in later life.”

"We have an amazingly dedicated committee that strives to ensure a safe, fun, and motivating environment, enabling each swimmer to achieve the personal goals they work so hard to achieve.”

PSC is a local swimming club, formed in 1944, that currently has over one hundred competitive swimmers and twenty-eight non-competitive swimmers, ranging in ages from 7-25 . Our local swimming community, include schools, Masters, Paralympics, and Special Olympics swimmers. Our motto is ‘Striving for Excellence.’