Titahi Bay School, winter proofs their bike track

More tamariki from Titahi Bay School will be able to zoom to school on their bikes with an upgrade of the bike track planned, thanks in part to NZCT’s support of $70,000 for sealing the track.

Principal Matthew Tilley said "We have an existing bike track that is used by both our tamariki and our wider community, but due to surface and drainage issues there are periods throughout the year when it is unusable. Having it sealed will make it accessible to scooters, skateboards, and roller skates, as well as bikes all year round."

Tītahi Bay School is nestled in the heart of Tītahi Bay, a short distance from our beach and harbour. We are a vibrant, big school that embraces the cultural traditions of our diverse student group.

Our Mission is to promote achievement and self-worth and provide challenging opportunities for all our students and staff.

Our community totally supports our school and is very approachable and keen to help us. Our community enjoy coming to all our celebrations, especially when their children are showcasing their talents. We celebrate academics, the arts, sports and our values programme. We also have very supportive parents who work with the school on any new initiative.