Wanganui/Rangitikei Clay Target Club shoots ahead of the competition

“Clay target shooting is an all-year sport for all ages and genders that not only requires great precision and self-discipline, but also offers an opportunity to meet like-minded people. There’s a great sense of achievement and satisfaction that comes from competing with firearms in a safe environment. Hitting some of the harder targets is like getting a hole in one in golf!”
Treasurer Ken Pfeffer

NZCT has awarded the Wanganui/Rangitikei Clay Target Club $9,000 for new clay target throwing machines.

“Under new rules and regulations throughout New Zealand, our club has become one of only two in the lower half of the North Island with the grounds able to hold National and Provincial Sporting Competitions. To maintain our ability to do this we needed to provide more varied targets and traps capable of throwing different targets of different sizes.”

“With visiting competitors from overseas and throughout New Zealand, it is becoming increasingly relevant for us to be able to hold these high level competitions. Our inability to provide sufficient funding for these types of traps meant we could not provide the required equipment to fulfil the expectations of overseas visitors and top domestic competitors.”

“To keep up with the target variations required to hold a number of these important New Zealand events, we needed to purchase a number of target throwing machines capable of throwing the wide variety of different targets to meet competitors’ expectations. This generous support from NZCT will enable us to acquire the specialized equipment and housing for the machines, targets, and other equipment.”

The Wanganui Gun Club was formed over a hundred years ago. Following its inception and moves to three different locations, it now owns its own land, thus securing its future for generations to come. With the demise of many Gun Clubs in the lower half of the North Island and following an amalgamation with another club from the Rangitikei area, our name was changed to The Wanganui/Rangitikei Clay Target Club.

This club has grown in strength over recent years, to the extent that it is now able to hold National and International Sporting Target events. The club has been involved with the successful bi-annual Masters Games since their inception, as well as being used by local and district organisations for special events and business house Christmas functions.

Clay target shooting has continued to grow in strength with more and more women taking up the sport. The advent of the Secondary School Competitions has seen hundreds of younger shooters becoming involved in the sport, which in turn teaches them respect for others and the required self-discipline to compete.