Water skills course aims high, yet saves lives

NZCT granted $40,630 to Tauranga City Council supporting the Water Skills for Life (WSFL) programme and transportation costs.

The Water Skills for Life (WSFL) programme is delivered by BaySwim to schools in the region without pools.

Claire Horner, BaySwim Manager adds “It’s aim is to educate and teach children life-saving skills around the water and provide a set of water survival skills by the end of their primary school years. This arms the children with long-term water safety techniques to carry through into their adult years.”

“Over the next year we aim to deliver to more than 3,300 tamariki across 15 schools. Each child will attend four to five hours of water skills and safety sessions, taught over a period of five to ten weeks.

“Wearing the life jackets for the deep-water survival was definitely a highlight. They also enjoyed lots of active time during the lessons.” -
Katie McKenzie, Selwyn Ridge
“They enjoyed the boat safety and overall, the games that the instructors played to make swimming fun. It especially gave our least confident swimmers a positive view on swimming when they were originally scared. This built up their confidence to ask to swim in the deep pool again”
Mikeely Ivil Te Ākau, Ki Pāpāmoa School
“Students love their lessons, their confidence in the water has grown.”
Emma Frost, Arataki School
“Great opportunity for students to develop skills over the 10 weeks"
Rachel, Arataki School
The support and funding we have received from NZCT will benefit approximately 2800 children throughout Tauranga in 2022-2023 who are in need of transport to get to our facilities either at BayWave or Greerton, that may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn basic water survival skills.
Claire Horner, BaySwim Manager