West End Bowling Club in Timaru Stays Green with NZCT's help

NZCT has awarded $10,000 to the West End (Timaru) Bowling Club towards the salary of a professional Green Keeper.

Treasurer Tom Taiaroa said "This grant from NZCT is vital to our club as it will allow us to maintain a smooth, consistent, and high-quality playing surface for all our members and visiting players. We have now engaged a top-quality Green Keeper for the upcoming season, which will enable us to remain one of the leading clubs in South Canterbury."

Having an excellent Green Keeper is instrumental to the success and growth of our club. Their expertise and dedication enhance the quality of the bowling greens, which directly impacts the overall experience of club members and visitors. It helps them compete at the highest level and enhances everyone’s overall enjoyment of the game.

At the West End (Timaru) Bowling Club, our purpose is to promote and advance the game of bowls within our geographical region on behalf of Bowls New Zealand. We offer year-long bowling and club facilities. Previously, bowling facilities were only available in the summer, but we now have the capacity to operate all year round due to our artificial surface.