Our privacy statement

New Zealand Community Trust (NZCT) is committed to ensuring the protection of personal information and its responsible use.

The Privacy Act 1993 regulates how we collect, use, hold, disclose, manage and dispose of personal information.

In order to carry out our work in raising and distributing funds to the community, we may collect personal information from you, such as:

  • your name
  • contact information
  • interactions with us
  • date of birth
  • other information required for us to perform specific functions e.g. a clear photographic image for identification purposes
  • information about your computer and about your visits to and use of this website (including your IP address, geographical location, browser type, referral source, length of visit and number of page views).

We collect your personal information for the purposes of:

  • processing applications for grant funding in compliance with the law
  • maintaining a record of all key persons associated with our venue operations and notifying our regulating agency (Department of Internal Affairs) of those key persons, in compliance with our obligations under the Gambling Act 2003
  • issuing, monitoring and enforcing exclusion orders in compliance with the Gambling Act 2003
  • website analytics.

Besides our staff, we may share this information with:

  • the Department of Internal Affairs either routinely, such as for the purposes of applying for venue licences, or in compliance with a specific request made by the Department under its power to require information or documents
  • the Department of Internal Affairs or other regulatory agency, if we have concerns about a possible breach of the Gambling Act or we suspect fraudulent or criminal behaviour
  • any third party contracted from time to time to supply or maintain our data in an electronic system held by NZCT or the third party. Where information is held or maintained by a third party, that party will be contractually obliged to comply with NZCT’s policies around privacy and data security.

If you choose not to provide certain identifying information, such as a clear photographic image, our venue staff will not be obliged to issue an exclusion order, even if you request one.

If you choose not to disclose sufficient personal information to enable our grant staff to undertake full probity, we may not be able to process your organisation’s grant application.

If you choose not to provide information required for the purposes of compliance with the regulator's requirements, such as completion of a Personal Information Form, this will delay any application for a new or amended venue licence, which may prevent the relevant venue from commencing or continuing its operations.  

You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal information we hold about you, and to ask for it to be corrected if you think it is wrong. If you’d like to ask for a copy of your information, or to have it corrected, please contact us at questions@nzct.org.nz, or 0800 44 69 28, or PO Box 10857, Wellington 6143.

Information will be retained only for the purposes for which it was provided. NZCT is obliged to keep certain records pertaining to the conduct of its class 4 gaming and grant funding, including supplier arrangements, for a minimum of 7 years. Paper-based or electronic data pertaining to exclusion orders will be disposed of or removed from systems when no longer required for the purpose for which that information was provided.